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Mondauk in the snow.jpg
Mondauk in March

Hey kids, it's that time again, next time I see you, please give me $3 to maintain this Wiki site. Thanks, Kathy, aka VM

- Greg - 1 ball (would take another ball if needed)
- Larry - 1 ball (Andy, if you need a home for one more, I can take a second if it helps).
Thanks Larry, I'll keep you in mind. Right now there is an extra, but usually someone will see them and ask to buy it. We'll see what happens.
- Mark - 1 (better get him a pump too:-) ) LOL!!
- Tanya C. - 1
- Glenn - 1
- Andy - 1
- Jim K. - 1 (Andy's Friend)
- Jeanette - 1 (Andy's Friend)
- Doug - 1 (Andy's Friend)
- Cassandra - 1 (Andy's Friend)
Tracy Jo - l will take one if it's the king of the beach ball.

The volleyballs came in today. If enough people sign up to play Saturday, I will stop down and deliver balls that morning to all that play. Please have $$$ Available.

Not sure if everyone sees this message or not when they log in, BUT "Wikispaces will be unavailable for 48 hours due to scheduled maintenance beginning on July 29 at 12:00am PDT and ending July 31 01:00am PDT. If you need assistance, please contact help@wikispaces.com." May affect the scheduling of the Saturday game....

Saturday, July 29, 8:30 AM, Mondauk

Larry - Come on! WeatherUnderground says the rain is overnight., Let's get this scheduled!
Neil...if the rain holds off
Greg... conditional as well

No: Andy

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