Volleyball Videos

Volleyball Play Examples: Here are videos of the highest level men and women running specific plays. It runs in Windows Media Player, which is good, because that means you can run it in slow motion if you want.
Vegas Line: Incredible beach spike.
6' 7" Volleyball Girl: Likes the view from up there.
Mondauk Volleyball: Ruth made this video of some of us playing at Mondauk.
Dog plays volleyball http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kI9xhIJTFk

Local Players in the News

Kyle Robinson: Some of us knew Kyle when he first started playing volleyball at Abington Y. He has since gone on to play on the USA National Team, and he has played professionally in Europe.

Local Volleyball

http://www.meetup.com/Bucks-County-Volleyball/ Another local group that organizes via the web... usually play at Fanny Chapman
Pennsylvania Volleyball E-mail Distribution List: Communicate with other Pennsylvania volleyball players. Send an e-mail to a single address; all 900+ subscribers receive the message. People use the site to advertise clinics and tournaments; look for players, teams and coaches; or just talk volleyball. Archived messages are viewable on the web page.
ETeamz - Pennsylvania: A list of Pennsylvania volleyball teams and organizations with home pages on the eteamz.com website.
New Jersey Volleyball E-mail Distribution List: Members can send a single e-mail that will be seen by over 650 NJ volleyball players. Messages are also posted on this website for the public to see.
Keystone Regional Volleyball Association

National & International Volleyball

USA Volleyball: The national volleyball organization.
FIVB: Federation Internationale de Volleyball. Lots of up-to-date international volleyball news.
AVP: Association of Volleyball Professionals -- the pro beach doubles tour. The website is annoying because it's one of those homepages that downloads a million different things and takes forever to finish.
PAVO: Professional Association of Volleyball Officials.
AVCA: American Volleyball Coaches Association.
Volleyball Magazine: This site has some content, but you need to subscribe to the magazine for full content.


Beach Volleyball: California Beach Volleyball Association's (CBVA) rules of play for beach volleyball. (Dated 2005.)
Outdoor vs. Indoor: Excellent comparison of outdoor and indoor rules. (But last updated in 2004.)
USAV Indoor Rules: Official USA Volleyball indoor rules.
USAV Beach Rules
USA Volleyball 2011-2013 Indoor Rules: The USAV link above has a more recent version of the rules. WARNING: This is a 2 MB PDF file.
California Beach Volleyball Association: 310K PDF file.
FIVB Beach Rules: 2007-2008 Official Beach Volleyball Rules (420K PDF file).
Bad Hands: Mark K, Mondauk Common volleyball aficionado, gives his opinion of what constitutes good and bad hands.

Hand Signals

Hand Signals for Doubles The basics.


Mission Beach Volleyball: Interesting vb links. Some great photos - open level play (men and women). Great fun. If you go to San Diego don't miss it.
Volleyball in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania: This is just a link to another page on this website. Please do not delete this link. It is included for technical reasons.
Manhattan Beach Six-Man Volleyball Tournament!: Pretty entertaining!!!
Florida Wave Pro Player joins our Wiki (posted by Kathy 7/11/14) -- We now have a pro vball player (Sergio Rios) as a member of our Wiki site!! In the first link (January 2013), he was on the Florida Wave training team & in the second link (August 2013), he was on team. Pretty impressive that he found us & joined our site!!

Volleyball Friends

Luann's Blog and Mike's Blog: Mike and Luann, Don't forget to play volleyball once in a while!
Los Manatees
2007 Bridgeport Festival: Ruth made this video of Ten Feet Tall, featuring volleyball player John Rosa-Bian.
http://www.4shared.com/dir/3826704/9c2f6c53/sharing.html Link to some of Wimayra's musical group.