Wiki Home of Montgomery County Area Volleyball Games

Welcome! This is a wiki site for organizing pick-up volleyball games at various spots in Pennsylvania's Montgomery and Bucks County region.

What the heck is a wiki site?

A wiki site is a website that community members can readily modify. The most well-known example is the Wikipedia – a vast encyclopedia maintained by the general public.

Wikispaces, which hosts our volleyball wiki, is a website that allows anyone to create a wiki site of their own.

How do I use the volleyball wiki site?

If you aren’t a member, feel free to browse the pages of the site and feel free to come and play volleyball with us.
If you can, contact someone and let us know you are coming so we know how many to expect. Use the home page to see where/when we are playing and the contacts page to get a phone number or e-mail to let someone know you are coming. Or just show up and surprise us, that works too. Most games are on sand at the B or BB level.

If you are a member, you can edit any page on the site. Just sign in and click the “Edit This Page” button at the top of the page you want to change. You will be put into a simple page-editing program that allows you to change anything on the page.

The most interesting page is the Home page, where we keep a running schedule of who’s playing where and when. If you can make it to one of the games listed on the Home page, please add your name to the list! That way others will know whether there are enough people to play. And we'll know who to contact if plans change at the last minute.

How do I become a member of the volleyball wiki site?

To become a member of the volleyball wiki site, you must first sign in to Wikispaces. (After becoming a member of Wikispaces here.)

Our wiki site is managed by Ruth, Kathy, and Pete. To become a member of the site, click on the Join this Space link (in the left margin of under “Actions”). Provide some identifying information and then click the Join button. The site managers will be notified that you want to become a member.

It is up to the site managers to finalize your membership. If your identity isn’t obvious, please contact Ruth, Kathy or Pete to let them know who you are.

Someone deleted the changes I made to a page. What a jerk!

Maybe. But another possibility is that you were both editing the Wiki page at the same time. If that happens, whoever saves their changes last could accidentally wipe out the other person's changes.

Where is the next volleyball game?

We use the Home page for organizing open play on-the-fly. Playing location can vary from one day to the next. For driving directions, click Directions.

Anything else?

You can add to your Internet Explorer Favorites menu, just like any other website.